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"I was looking for a helmet that is suitable for Asian size and face features. The R1X design looks great and does not appear bulky. Ventilation is sufficient and cooling for long rides even on a hot & humid day."

- James P,  Singapore 🇸🇬


R1 Helmet review
"The R1 has been serving me faithfully for the past 2 years. Its lightweight is further emphasised by the fact that it is so airy: the ventilation is very noticeable as you can actually feel air blowing in through the front vents and over your head. It also works surprisingly well at low speeds when trail riding and racing cyclocross. An absolute winner in hot and humid Singapore!

R1X Helmet review
Having used the R1 for more than a year, I expected the more aero R1X to “lose”  to it in terms of ventilation as there are less front vents. I was pleasantly proven wrong as the remaining front vents work well with the rear vents to pull air in and over your head. This gives you an aero advantage without compromising on ventilation. Anecdotally too, I also find myself being able to push harder and go faster when my head feels cooler. So this makes the R1X a great choice when you are racing TT /triathlons or even just trying to snatch that elusive Strava KOM.

New Life Cycle Store review
Always a pleasure shopping here, unique products and great service. You can sense a genuine desire to serve customers as best as possible."

- Joey G, Singapore 🇸🇬


"I really like RANKING helmets because of their light weight and it perfect suits my head. I also like their magnet locking, its super-fast, also with one hand."

- Jakub V, pro-cyclist, Slovakia 🇸🇰


"I am currently using the RANKING R1X. It is very comfortable, light weight and and I pretty like the shape of the helmet. Thumbs up to use this model."

- Aloysius L, Singapore 🇸🇬


"I needed a helmet as I started to pick up cycling. The RANKING Chris helmet has very good ventilation and is lightweight. I use it every time I go cycling. 

- Joshua T, Singapore 🇸🇬

" A great little tool I use for my road bike shots! Simple and easy to just slide into your toolkit as you side for the perfect shot of your lovely ride! I never ride without it!"

- Ajay, Singapore 🇸🇬


"Fantastic selection of kit different from the usual brands, topped off by equally good service from Tony and his team."

- Jonathan K, Singapore 🇸🇬


"我喜歡 RANKING 安全帽的一個理由就是它的外型,每一款都有不同的風格 很好看!最好的是 RANKING 安全帽的顏色選擇很多,雙色,單色,消光色,亮色 都有!因為 RANKING 安全帶是磁扣 單手即可快裝,快拆!除了好戴就是好戴 🙂🙂🙂"

- Susu 舒舒, Turkey / Taiwan 🇹🇷🇹🇼

"If you love taking pictures of your bike as much as you love cycling, the Shadowstand is the perfect product for you. It is small enough so that you can take it anywhere, and stable enough to support your bike."

- Nicholas L, Singapore 🇸🇬


"I was looking for a helmet that could fully support my head. The RANKING Chris is exactly what I wanted as it's supper lightweight and the inner form shape comfortably fits my head with air ventilation design just at the right place."

- Ninijiang, Singapore 🇸🇬


"The lightness of the steel frame makes the ride interesting.  The frame is steel, but it is coated with titanium, so you can make a great production with the components. The heat treatment gives you a stronger feeling than a normal steel frame, especially in downhill. Considering the price of the geometry design, it is a good frame."

- Isaac K, South Korea 🇰🇷


"I wear RANKING helmets R1 and R1X, both of which are very comfortable, light and the perfect size for my tiny head.  Air circulation is very comfortable, the sponge inside is very soft and does not hurt the head."

- Edwyn S, Indonesia 🇮🇩


"Tony was extremely responsive in answering my queries on RANKING helmets. Tony even went the extra mile to personally delivered the helmets to my residence for my team mates to try on before purchase! Fantastic customer service! RANKING helmets are now the preferred helmet for my team and I"

- Ian G, Singapore 🇸🇬


"RANKING was introduced to us by a mutual colleague. We decided to give the brand a try and ended up purchasing all three of the models that were available to us. The Chris, R1 and lastly the R1X. 

RANKING came up with an extraordinary design with their magnetic clasps which allowed 1 handed operation of unbuckling the clasps of the helmet. The straps were placed strategically to ensure that the helmet is secured onto the rider in the event of a crash. Ventilation is adequate for tropical weather conditions such as the ones we have here in Singapore. Materials used to make the helmets are of high quality and the build of the helmets themselves were designed well to absorb the impact of crashes. Some of us actually walked away from crashes with our heads unscathed with much thanks to the helmets themselves.

The Chris was rated the best within the group due to its excellent ventilation design and also its customisability. 

To summarise, RANKING helmets are definitely a great helmet and one we would definitely recommend. Great Ventilation, Even Greater Protection and lastly, the most value for money."

- Hakiem, Singapore 🇸🇬
The Maximum Cadence


"The RANKING name is not one of the brands one thinks of when it comes to helmets. I only heard about it when I was browsing for helmets at a well known store in Kallang many years back. I remember it was the Feather helmet, and apart from the RANKING brand, it was also produced as an OEM for at least two other well known European bike brands. I found the Feather neither well fitting nor sexy, so when I chanced upon the Chris recently, I was immediately struck by the excellent fit (at least for my head shape), sexy design, great ventilation and lightweight.

This is obviously a road helmet, so forget about it if you intend to use it off road. My most recent helmets were the Uvex Ultrasonic, Kabuto WG1, Scott Witt-R, Uvex Edaero and Lazer Bullet, and the Chris is most similar to the Kabuto in form and function. It exceeds the Kabuto WG1 in all aspects except lightweight. The WG1 is phenomenally light and I crashed it with a very light bump on a tree during an MTB ride. This made me doubt the effectiveness of super lightweight helmets. Then I had a big crash with the Chris on my road bike while sprinting into a pothole I failed to notice. I fell to the right and hit the back of the helmet, which rightfully broke. No dramas, just a few tattoos on the butt and elbow.

The Chris also has a cool magnetic clasp that I initially thought was just a kitschy thing to sell. I have used those plastic clips for the last 24 years so what is the big deal right?! Wrong! I found it pleasantly expeditious to suit up during the rush to the early morning rides at 4:15am.

In conclusion, the Chris is a top quality road helmet at a reasonable price point that beats the offerings from other manufacturers on all fronts. If I were to nitpick, it would be nice to have a MIPS option.

I crashed one Chris, and promptly bought another. I suppose that speaks volumes more than any hard sell you are going to endure."

- Lennard B, Singapore 🇸🇬

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